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Introduction to formaldehyde assembly

More than ten years'production experience
10~120 thousand ton/year formaldehyde assembly device
Silver method formaldehyde concentration during 37%~50%
flue gas circle method is adopted,and fmanaldehyde concentration can reach 52%
cooperate with Sweden Perstorp Company to produce iron-molybdenum method
formaldehyde concentration during 37%~57%,and also produce UFC(Urea
Formaldehyde Concentrate)
Product name:fbrmaldehyde(commonly called formalin)
Molecular forrllula:HCOH,molecular weight 30 03

The main production process are as follows:
Concentration unit Spray granulation unit Fluidized drying unit
Washing and exhaust gas processing unit.
1,Concentration units,through the two stages concentration: the fresh formaldehyde solution 40%(mass percentage)from the formaldehyde production plant comes into falling film evaporator(one stage concentration unit)by the feed pump, which with separation of lack of tanks and condensate tanks,at this level the formaldehyde concentration was raised to 69%;formaldehyde content of cut fraction is 15%(to be confirmed when debugging).Use the pump through the jet tank,as the other usage;separation tank design has the benefit which can get the shortest stay time.
Concentrated liquid of the tank into thin-film evaporator through the pump,during this process,the formaldehyde solution will be enriched to 85%;at this time the formaldehyde content in the steam distillation tank is about 30% (to be confirmed when debugging),distillation formaldehyde after pump has been used for other purposes; a high concentration of 85% formaldehyde solution in the middle of the tank through screw pump liquid adjustment valve to hit to the outside of battery limit.
Fluidized drying unit:a high concentration of formaldehyde solution(85%)into spray granulation tower through the pump, to have granulation in the condensing chamber,then into the granulation tower and the fluidized bed,in finally,to package the para-formaldehyde in the export of a fluidized bed by rotating the valve.
3,Washing and tail gas treatment: In the granulation process,the dry gas took away atom poly-and C through the cyclone separation from the fluidized bed and granulation tower,The products separated can be separately collected,but also Call be delivered to the fluidized bed export to have a mix packaging;the cycle of gas which from the splitter,will through the scrubber into the fan,after washing,the washing liquid will into the tank of formaldehyde material to have recycle;it will be the cycle of nitrogen carrier gas,when the oxygen content within tile system reaches a certain value, waste gas in V and washed into the exhaust venting emissions through tile control valve are discharged into the bag filter. 

Henan Province Boai Ruihua lndusiry-Trade Co.,Ltd adopted first set of 50 thousand ton/year formaldehyde device (tail gas circle process, see photos above) in 2006,and again adopted 1 set of 50 thousand ton/year formaldehyde device and a set of 15 thousand ton/year Urotropine device in 2009. At present, this company has production capacity of 100 thousand ton/year formaldehyde and 15 thousand ton/year Urotropine.

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